Pause for Thought June 2018

As I write this, there is a debate flying around on the radio. It’s the ‘Yanny or Laurel’ debate. A voice is heard speaking and some people hear the word ‘Yanny’ being said, whilst others hear the word ‘Laurel’ being said. It’s a bit like an auditory version of that silhouette picture where some people see a young woman and others an old woman.

The auditory illusion may be partly explained by how well we hear lower and higher frequencies.  But it may be that we are predisposed to hear an ambiguous sound in a certain way.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined the millions divided on what they hear, you can always search for it on the internet.

There are instances in the New Testament where Jesus says things to the crowds around him and then finishes with the words, “he who has ears, let him hear”. What he is saying is that some people will not really listen, or will hear something trivial, or what he says will have no real impact. Others will hear the importance of what he is saying, will ‘get it’ and act upon it.

People heard the same words of Jesus and some were inspired or comforted by what he said, whilst others were challenged and outraged by the same words and sought to silence Jesus. What was it that predisposed them to hear and interpret things in this way?

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, there were two ways of seeing what he did. Many people rejoiced in what he had done. To some though, this act threatened their power and from then on they plotted to have Jesus killed. What was their predisposition?

Yanny or Laurel? I don’t know what you hear if you listen to the audio clip that is being talked about at the moment. Also, I don’t now how you have heard what was said about the Christian faith, if you have heard about it properly. What is your predisposition? And are you missing the real message? We hope to run a course later this year for those who want to explore what Jesus said and did – to see if he rings true or not – Yanny or Laurel…

I think really listening to someone who has shaped our culture for centuries is always a worthwhile thing to do.

He who has ears, let him hear.   Every blessing. Rev Dave Maylor