Pause for Thought Nov 2018

So, how’s your lawn looking?

Wasn’t it just a wonderful summer.  Days upon days of endless sunshine, not a cardigan in sight.  Not sure if our flowers and lawns loved it that much, as many people’s gardens ended up looking more like dust bowls rather than the beautiful English gardens we are used to surveying - as it were.

The funny thing is that how come my lawn was really suffering but my flower beds – which should, you’d say, be full of flowers - were fully grassed and, included for good measure, the odd thousand thistles.  It occurred to me that grass in the middle of the lawn is a thing to behold and eases the soul, still hard work to maintain, but a place of peace no less and of course somewhere to play football and practise your handstands.  However, grass in the middle of your flower bed is definitely a no no.

It does what it is supposed to do - it grows and produces a green like coverage.  However, it is in the wrong place - surrounded by flowers and thistles – not surrounded by fellow grasses.  

Does that happen in our lives also?

Do we sometimes feel like we are a circle in a square hole?  Are you surrounded by people who are so different from you that you think it’s you that must be in the wrong?  You start to change to adhere to their way of thinking and acting so to fit in or you shut down and put on a facade of “happy” which costs you much emotional energy?

It is strange how through times in our lives when we are definitely in the wrong place or indeed through life’s storms we just sort of hang on don’t we.  Thinking “it will be OK; the bad weather will pass and I will once again enjoy sunshine and peace”.  Although sometimes that just doesn’t happen and the storm does not subside it just gets worse.  For us to gain freedom from the storm and be the person we were created to be we could try walking and talking with our creator God.

At church a couple of weeks ago I talked about this freedom, this liberty and that a life lived with Christ will give us exactly that.  It’s not easy though, to open our lives to let God in, to hand over our problems and worries, pains and hurts.  It’s even harder when we try and do it on our own.  Which is why we need the support of others and of God to gain strength from that unity. 

Why not pop into a church – ours are open all day, have a chat with God or drop into a service.  You, your children, everyone will be welcomed with open hymn books…. lol.  Joking aside a church is a place of welcome, fun and peace.  What more could we ask for in life?

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Su Fletcher
Lay Minister
Telephone: 01780 740034