Pause for Thought May 2019

Rag’n’Bone Man

Now that’s very interesting isn’t it.  This title will be read two ways dependent on your age.  You will either think of the English singer song writer Rory Graham or of the 1970s sit-com Steptoe and Son.  Indeed, Graham actually got his stage name whilst watching the reruns of Steptoe & Son which if you are too young to know were all about a father and son rag’n’bone man outfit.  Look up an episode up on YouTube – don’t worry if it’s comes up in black and white - that’s how it was recorded - before colour was invented.   LOL…

So,the Rag’n’Bone man song “I Am Giant” has two lines in its chorus “I am a giant, stand up on my shoulders, tell me what you see” and “I am giant we’ll be breaking boulders underneath our feet.”

Graham wrote “I am giant” in relation to the changing relationship with his parents.  Where the roles are reversing as he gets older.  He is now taking on the role of carer, protector of his parents allowing them to now lean on him as he leant on them in the past.

However, if I think of this,“stand up on my shoulders and tell me what you see” I think of God who is asking us to journey not only alongside him but to stand on his shoulders.  To see things, we never could have imagined we would ever see in our lives, amazing things, outstanding things but with faith in God remember all things are possible, all things.  It reminds me of a line from Isaiah in the bible “succeed in the task I gave it”.  We all have stuff God has laid out for us to achieve and experience etc.  We only have to reach out and say “yes” to what he has in store for us.

Then again think of the rag’n’bone man who takes away our items we no longer want, the items that are broken, that we find no value in; he takes them away and makes use of them and gives them new life, he discards nothing.  So too is it with our God,we are of value to him always even through the tough bits, the mistakes.  He travels with us, and does not disown us, throw us away or trade us in for a new model.

So, what about the line “we’ll be breaking boulders underneath our feet”.  The feet of God and our feet,when we travel together, we find a way to get through the obstacles, life throws at us – when we cannot see a way forward God makes a path for us,he moves and breaks those boulders.  Look again at Isaiah “do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.  Watch for the new thing I am going to do – I will make a road through the wilderness”.

When you are disheartened turn to God, stand on his shoulders and see your world as he would have you see it.

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Su Fletcher

Lay Minister

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