News and Events July 2019

Barnack Church heating project

As most of you know (!), Barnack Church is cold for about six months of the year.  The old boiler needs to be replaced, and new radiators and better insulation are required throughout the Church to make it more warm and welcoming, increase efficiency, and expand community use of the building.  The detailed planning for the project has been completed; the required permission has been obtained from the Diocese; the project has been tendered; a contractor has been selected, and the work could be completed in 8-10 weeks.  

The challenge that we have is on the financial side! The total cost of the project is £120,000.  So far, almost three-quarters (£88,000) of that amount has been secured, partly through external grants (amounting to just over £40,000), church collections and donations (slightly over £5,000 in total) and local fund-raising activities (about £7,000).  The Church’s PCC has also decided to use the church portfolio reserves (about £35,000) for this project, as necessary.  However, we are still left with a gap of about £32,000. 

We are very keen to move ahead without delay, as we want the Church to be warm in the coming autumn-winter season, this summer is the easiest time for the work to be done, and there is some pressure for the grants received to be utilised without undue delay.  Church members themselves are now doing everything possible to try to secure the remaining funds needed, but any further support from outside of the Church would also be extremely welcome.   

Any contributions (cheques should be payable to Barnack Church PCC) should be given to Mike Mills, the Church Treasurer.

 The Buttercross Club

Our June meeting was an afternoon visit to the Old Vicarage in Burley on the Hill. The owners, Jonathan and Sandra Baza, open their gardens under the National Garden Scheme and our Chairman, Sheila Bratley, arranged a group visit. We were very fortunate with the weather. There had been light showers in the morning but the afternoon was fine and dry and a perfect temperature for taking a leisurely stroll around the Bazas’ beautiful gardens. Most of the work is carried out by the Bazas themselves but they do employ someone when the trees need pruning. 

Since moving there they have transformed the land surrounding their house. Nearer the house there are the formal gardens with lawns and borders. The roses in the rose garden were in full bloom and very fragrant and the peonies were covered in buds. The clematis flowers were huge. There were also two magnificent standard white wisteria in full flower. Mrs. Baza particularly likes the colour purple and in the flower beds that colour predominated. They also have a walled garden where fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers for cutting are grown. A vine house within the walled garden is where peaches and other fruit needing protection from the vagaries of our weather are cultivated. Their wildlife garden encourages pollinators and their pretty pond, which does the same, is edged by attractive planting. They also have a sizeable compound where they raise hens. 

When we had finished admiring the gardens we were able to sit outside to have our tea and cakes. The cakes were delicious – a real treat to end a lovely afternoon out.          

Diary Dates: On the 3rd July our speaker is Sophie Driver. Her talk is entitled ‘Our amazing bacteria and what they do for us’.  

Our August meeting is a games evening. Further details to be announced at the next meeting.

Life at Barnack School

Do you ever wonder what school is like now? As a year 6, I can tell you every detail about Barnack School. This article will explain all about the technology, lessons and teachers at our wonderful school.

Firstly, we’ll introduce you to lessons. We cover many subjects including; Science, Maths, English, Art, P.E, R.E and Geography. Now, this may seem like exactly what you would have done when you were at school. In English, we learn about nouns, adjectives, adverbs, relative clauses and much, much more! Would you have learned about all of these confusing aspects of English? Maths, being another subject that is regularly taught, has long division, grid method and long multiplication. Would you have done this?

We will now move onto technology, which is a huge part of everyday life now, and how we use it. As some of you may be used to blackboards, now we have interactive whiteboards, which are linked up to the teachers’ computer. As for the students, we have Chromebooks. These are laptops with a touch screen. We each have our own profile that is protected by a password.

At Barnack School, we have many plays and festivals such as May Day, the Christmas play and the Summer play. When we do our Mayday Festival, the school votes for a May King and Queen. The Year Sixes always neatly tie the ribbon around the Maypole. Year Five and Six always perform in the Summer play.

The teachers are the most important part of the school so they have the right to be mentioned. There are many wonderful teachers in our school- so many that it would take a while to name them all so I’ll tell you about a few of them. Some teachers are:

Name: Mr Baker

Job: Teacher

Name: Mrs White

Job: Teacher

Name: Mr Jelleyman

Job: P.E teacher

Name: Mrs Humphreys 

Job: TA (Teaching Assistant)

These people help us to learn many things and they help us through school. Although many people think that their job is easy, many people know it is not as simple as it looks. All teachers care for the students in their class. Some children may not like their teacher because they think they are too strict but if you ask an adult they will always remember those teachers as the best they ever had.

Assembly takes place every day and is mostly lead by the Headteacher- Mr Fowkes. It is only on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s that the assembly is taken by Cannon Margaret. In her assembly she talks to us about the works of Jesus.

House points are awarded for good work and you gain points for your house by achieving one. The houses are Latchford (yellow), Parker (blue), Dawson (red) and Vipan (green). They are all named after the surnames of people who died in war.

I hope any child who is starting in September will consider our school.

Louise Y6

Day in the life of a year six student

Do you ever wonder what students at Barnack School get up to? Well in this article I am going to tell you a story about a day in the life of a year six student. 

When I arrive at school I play on the playground with my friends and wait for the bell. The bell rings at 8:50. Once we hear it, we all rush to the door and wait for Mr Baker to open it.

My friend and I hand out the registers every morning to all the classes. When we come back into the classroom we read our books or work on the challenges that Mr Baker puts up; this is done for fifteen minutes. Whilst the class is reading or doing the challenge, Mr Baker will do the registers.

After registration, we do English. In English, we do reading or writing. Sometimes, we do letters or persuasive writing, it really varies every day. When we read we do small reading tests that are ten minutes long or we would do some work on comprehension. English is one hour and ten minutes long.

One hour and ten minutes later, it is assembly. On Mondays, we have an assembly about our value. On Tuesday, KS2 don’t have assembly only KS1 do which is ‘Open the book’ lead by Cannon Margret. On Wednesday, KS2 have the same assembly as the KS1’s had on Tuesday. On Thursday, we either have singing practice or Reverend Dave tells us about God and different religions. On Friday, we have our reward assembly. In this assembly we give out a ‘Star of the week’ to one or two children in each class. Assemblies are twenty to twenty five minutes long.

After assembly, we head back into the classroom and wait for Mr Baker to send us outside. Break is at 10:30. When we are outside we are allowed to eat our snack, play with our friends and have fun. We can go on the playground and when the staff outside say we can go on the field, we go on the field!

At 10:55 it is time for Mathematics. In lessons we do one subject (like fractions) and then the next day we would edit the question we got wrong and then move onto a different subject (like decimals). Maths is one hour and twenty minutes long.

Then it is lunch - my favourite! The whole school (apart from Foundation) goes outside until the staff on duty say, ‘year six for lunch’, or their class. Foundation children go straight to lunch, normally year sixes are called last because we are the oldest in the school. After eating, we go back outside. Or if it’s a sunny day we can eat outside on the benches. Once everyone is back outside we are allowed to go on the field. You can play football or play on the apparatus. Lunch is one hour and fifteen minutes long.

After lunch, we do a variety of subjects (like; geography, R.E, drama, P.E, Science and so on). Our afternoons are two hours long fitting in two different subjects. We leave school at 15:25.

That is what I do on a daily basis at Barnack CofE Primary School. I bet your children would love it here! Everything is wonderful!

By Annabel – Y6

Wittering Flower Festival

Our many congratulations go out to all those involved in the Wittering Church Flower Festival.  An amazing two day event which brought in people not only from the village but from all our neighbouring villages.  Roughly 200 people were in the church over the two day event who were not only brought in by the stunning, amazing and glorious flower arrangements but by also the wonderful cream teas and cakes and scones and biscuits – I could go on all day.  It was an wonderful event sponsored by local businesses and arranged by a fantastic group within Wittering church.  I hope as many of your made it over to Wittering to see the wonderful work they are doing over there. 

The Sunday morning service amongst all the flowers was a sight to behold and we had the Wittering Scouts in making windmills to celebrate Pentecost.  What more could anyone ask for.

Cottesmore Military Wives Choir

Cottesmore Military Wives Choir at Wittering Church on the 6th July please.  For tickets call 01780 783346.

 Village Ladies

Our luncheon venue for this month is The Packhorse, Northborough, on 10 July at 12.30 pm.  (Joan 740 396)

They did it!  

Revd Dave and Kim successfully cycled 100 miles to raise funds for the Barnack Church heating project.  Starting off from near Boston at about 7am, they rode 58 miles along a circuitous route to reach Barnack by lunchtime.  After a brief break, they resumed the bike journey straight back to near Boston, clocking a total of exactly 100.1 miles by late afternoon. 

The round-trip was accomplished despite the challenge of hot weather and a strong south-westerly wind.  

Altogether significantly over £2,000 was raised through sponsorship and a matching donation.  What a tremendous achievement, and we understand that their muscles and aching limbs have now just about recovered!

Messy Church with Barnack Church

This month Messy Church will be in the Paddock at The Rectory, Millstone Lane, Barnack (same place as The Party in the Paddock)  on Sunday 14th July  from 4pm to 5.45pm.  It will be all very informal as we will all have had a very busy day the day before at the Party in the Paddock event!  There will be some games and activities and a short worship time with our favourite songs.  Please bring your own picnic!    Everyone really welcome.  Messy Church is great for families and all who are young at heart.  

To find out more please call Rev Dave Maylor 740234 or Julie Stanton 07885563128 or 749123. 

 Little Lambs

Little Lambs is a lovely friendly toddler group for parents, grandparents and carers with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers up to 4 years old.  We meet in Barnack Village Hall on Tuesdays during Barnack School term time from 10am to 12 noon.  The first hour is free play time with lots of toys, a slide and see-saw, home play corner, baby area and craft activity for little hands .    

Just before 11am everyone joins in with clearing away the toys and putting out tables and chairs for snack time.  Snack time at Little Lambs is very special with cafetiere coffee or tea and  cakes for the grown-ups, which are usually homemade,  and a snack bowl with fruit and a biscuit or bread-stick for the children.  

Afterwards we go into the side room for a very short bible story and lots of action songs, with Rev Dave on guitar to lead the singing. Then for the last 5- 10 minutes there are ride-ons in the main hall for the children to use up their last bit of energy before going home.  This month we’ll be at the hall as usual on 2nd, 9th and 16th.  Then on Tuesday 23rd July it will be our summer picnic outing, we haven’t decided yet where we will be going but we’ll let you know at Little Lambs in the preceeding weeks or ring Julie for details on the number below.  That will be the last session before our summer break.  We’ll be back again on Tuesday 10th September in Barnack Village Hall       

Little Lambs is great for the babies and toddlers to experience the fun of being with and playing with other children, and for their parents and carers to meet new people, catch up with friends and to sit down for a nice coffee!    Little Lambs is run by Barnack Church for everyone in Barnack and the surrounding villages.   A very warm welcome awaits.  Please contact Julie Stanton on 07885563128 to find out more about Little Lambs.

The Barnack Poors Estate  

A vacancy exists in Barnack for one of the The Alms Houses for a single person, living  in Barnack, Pilsgate or Southorpe. Applicants must state their address and occupation. 

They should apply in writing to the Mr P Robson, Clerk to the Trustees of the Barnack Poors Estate,  9 Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 1PY  

Closing date for applications is Friday 26 July 2019.

Bainton and Ashton in Bloom

A big thank to Chris Womack of Bainton and Ashton Parish Council for filling in the detailed application form to secure the £1,637:86 from the Peterborough Communities Fund.   For the submission 23 areas were identified for planting by Roe and Brian Yates, Hilary Smith and myself.  They are common areas, verges, greens and the pinfold, to be planted in various combinations from daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, cherry blossom trees, and wild flowers. 

The Reading Room will have new window boxes made in the village and planted with cyclamen and ivy.   We need everyone to contribute to the “bulb planting day” in October 2019.  It will bring a long term improvement to our environment with old and young working together in the fresh air.

Yes, there will be refreshments in the Reading Room courtesy of the Bainton and Ashton Parish Council, where villagers can mingle and mix after planting.  Villagers will be able see the outcome of their planting endeavours from the end of January into Spring 2020.  It will be uplifting for us all to see a splash of colour at a dismal time of year.  

Please look out for updates in your Parish News. David Hare

 Bainton Allotment Association

‘Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and Gillyflowers’. 

(Sara Coleridge 1802 – 1852).

Hot July also marks the time of the year when the growing season moves from a faltering progress into its full stride; when Bainton residents, not shouting out answers whilst watching Countdown but instead are outdoors,will see allotment plot holders staggering homewards with their arms full of the whole gamut of produce from artichokes through to zucchini. When local physiotherapists are rubbing their hands in pleasure at the thought of the upsurge of sore backs arriving in the autumn.

This cornucopia does not come about by chance. Research has been done on the soil of allotments and compared them with soil from nearby arable fields. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the arable soil was arid, lifeless and low in organic material whereas that of the allotments was rich in organic matter and more fertile. The reason for this lies in the widespread use of rotted manure and compost on the allotment plots. Over the years this builds up soil health and healthy soil grows good fruit and vegetables. So when your other half mutters that they’re just popping out to check the compost heap, it’s not a euphemism for a quick pint at the Millstone but the truth. 


The winners of the May Draw were:

24  £25   Pat Gyles

50  £15   Margaret Broadbelt

 6  £10    Alan Brown

 Coffee Morning Sat 20th July   10.30am –12 noon

St John the Baptist Church would like to invite you to join us on each third Saturday of the month, 10.30am – 12 noon. You can enjoy tea/coffee and biscuits. We also have home-made cakes, scones, lemon curd etc. on sale to tempt you! We enjoy time for a chat with friends and for making new ones. Do come along and join us!        


You will be assured of a warm welcome on a Wednesday morning when Coffee Stop is operating in the village hall.  We continue to be encouraged by seeing new faces coming along most weeks.  Coffee Stop provides an opportunity to meet different people, build new friendships and continue to grow existing ones.  It’s also a great place to keep a ‘look out’ for the Library van whilst enjoying your coffee.

The next Coffee Stop Sing Along will take place on Wednesday 31st July.  The Sing Along session takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, every other month.

Don’t forget that Coffee Stop is also a collection point for any bottles donated for the bottle tombola for the Party in the Paddock (13th July).  There are also raffle tickets on sale until the end of June, the list of excellent prizes keeps on growing.

Homemade cakes, scones and tea cakes, ‘real’ coffee (plus ‘Take out’ drinks) at very reasonable prices are always available.  If people would like to see anything else being offered we will always listen to your suggestions.  Coffee Stop is held in Barnack Village Hall every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.00 noon in the side room   Open to everyone - we look forward to welcoming you.   Lifts are available if required.  

It takes a wonderful team of helpers to ensure that Coffee Stop runs effectively every week, thank you to all those involved.  If you feel you would like to assist in any way (even if it is helping occasionally to set up or put the tables and chairs away) or bake a cake now and then, please speak to Carol (740438).


A big Thank You to Barnack’s very own Henk and Judy, and the others who make up The Fenland Consort, for the great concert that many of us enjoyed when they entertained us at the end of May.  

The Fenland Consort consists of a group of local musicians who have performed under the motto ‘Local Musicians in Local Churches’ since 2008.  Their aim is to assist in fund raising for the maintenance of local churches and Barnack’s Church Heating Project will benefit from their endeavours.  Thanks also to those who had worked hard to make the evening such a success.  

It is hoped that the church venue will continue to be used throughout the year for such concerts, and other events, especially when the new heating system has been installed.   

 Cottesmore Military Wives Choir 

The choir has a concert in Wittering church

Sat 6th July 7.00 for 7.30pm.

Tickets £10.00 including free drink. 

Entry by ticket only from 01780 783346

All profits for the Royal British Legion

 An Opinion: Bainton in Bloom 

Many people do not want bulbs or trees planted on their verges, as the problem of bulbs having to mature, means that grass and weeds grow very high and become a problem. Trees will cause a traffic hazard when they mature and the leaves in autumn from existing trees is already a problem. 

I notice the Parish Council use the political definition of consultation which is consult after you have decided. 

I am amazed that Peterborough Council have so much money to spare that they can spend it on such schemes, when the Town Hall is constantly petitioned about its cuts to services.  This latest saga of planting bulbs and trees is an example of this. Mrs L Barker