Please help to conserve water this spring

conserve waterLast month we touched on the possibility of a hosepipe ban. As you will now know from the extensive media coverage there will be a hosepipe ban across most of Southeast England from Thursday 5 April, including the Anglian Water region. 

Simply put, it just hasn’t rained enough.  By acting early and introducing a hosepipe ban now we can protect our water supplies over the drier, hotter spring and summer months. 

It’s important that we all think about how we use water and if we can cut back on the water that we don’t need to use.  If all of our customers reduced the water they use by 20 litres per day it would make a big difference.  Just small changes really add up – for example 1 minute less in the shower can save up to 15 litres and turning the tap off whilst cleaning your teeth can save 60 litres per day per household. 

We’ve recently widened our Bits and Bobs programme which offers free water saving devices and a free plumber to fit them and check how water efficient your house is.  If you haven’t already benefitted from this service then visit and click on water efficiency.  For all you garden lovers we’ve also just launched the Potting Shed – a water efficiency campaign for the garden.  There are free kits available on our website 

Anglian Water is doing everything possible to reduce water consumption.  We have cancelled window cleaning and asked our drivers to only clean their vehicle lights, number plates and safety markings. Wherever possible our office taps have flow regulators and our toilets are dual flush.  

On the technical side our engineers have been busy pumping water to the areas that most need it and we have invested in extra teams to find and fix leaks in our network.

In our own parish Anglian Water is looking at the possibility of bringing on line the two disused boreholes at Pilsgate. They have been busy checking the wells and sampling the water and if successful it could supply our villages and ease the burden on Rutland Water and the Welland which feeds it. You may soon see our engineers on the streets checking the pipes in preparation for this.

Please visit our website of follow us on twitter @AnglianWater for more information on the drought, the hosepipe ban facts and most importantly what you can do to save water.